I’m back — part-time for now. Here’s why….

/I’m back — part-time for now. Here’s why….

I’m back — part-time for now. Here’s why….

returnI’m happy to announce that my arm cast is off–much to my relief! I must have spent the first 30 minutes of cast freedom just scratching all those itches I couldn’t reach for the past six weeks. And, I have to say, being able to put on my bra by myself is a real treat. There was nothing like having to show my husband, nurses and doctor assistants how to scoop my 45-year-old breasts into their bra cups before they fastened the clasp. Sigh, good times.

Anyway, after getting more motion and strength back in my wrist and hand, I can now type normally. Which is great news–now I can start writing Hormonology blog posts again and pestering subscribers with my Hormonology newsletter : )

However, I want to let you know I have to start out on a part-time basis: I won’t be able to do a daily Hormonology blog posts consistently. Here’s why:

If you’ve been a longtime Hormonology fan, then you probably recall me whining and complaining about my bad back about a few dozen times or so. Well, in the past couple of months, my back condition has gotten considerably worse. As a result, I’m stuck laying flat for large portions of my day (which is super-frustrating for a workaholic like me). So, I’m able to sit at my computer and write for far fewer hours at a time.

Unfortunately, this means fewer Hormonology blog posts and being forced to pause my new Hormonology apps and book. This is a HUGE disappointment to me, but there’s just no way around it right now.

An MRI confirms I need surgery–a spinal fusion–and I’m currently working with my surgeon to schedule it. (If you’ve had this type of surgery, please don’t send me your horror stories–I’m nervous enough about it!) But, once that’s done and I’m recovered, my life–and Hormonology blog posts, newsletters, apps and books–can go back to normal. Then, I’ll be doubling down on my efforts to get all these Hormonology goodies rolled out quickly before I get sidelined by another body part that decides to implode!

Thanks so much for all your unending patience, understanding and support. I truly appreciate it. And, I hope you’ll stick around until we get through this to enjoy the amazing Hormonology apps and book to come.

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