I’m back from back surgery! All-new Hormonology blog posts coming!

I’m back from back surgery! All-new Hormonology blog posts coming!

My new titanium rods and disc spacer not only help fuse my spine, they make me about an inch taller. No middle shelf is out of my reach now!

I’m happy to announce that my spine surgery recovery is going well and I’m now returning to my Hormonology blog. So, you’ll be seeing all-new posts that share useful hormone research and tips that make every day of your cycle better.

Thank you to everyone who sent me positive thoughts, prayers and words of support. I thought of them every day I was in the hospital and throughout my recovery. It truly has made my recovery easier. I feel lucky and blessed to have so many kind and caring people surrounding me.

I’m a bit behind on answering emails, so please be patient as I catch up. There are a lot in my inbox right now and I’m eager to answer all your questions.

In addition to updating this blog, I’ll be sending out daily Hormonology newsletters again, so if you haven’t signed up yet, this is a perfect time to do so. Simply click here to subscribe.

I’m also now ready to resume working on the newly-updated Hormone Horoscope apps that were so rudely interrupted by my back injury and subsequent surgery. I cannot wait to release these apps–which you are going to LOVE because they integrate a traditional day/month calendar into the app and have longer, more detailed daily Hormone Horoscopes. So I will be working double-time to make that happen. Stay tuned for their release date!

Thank you for all your patience as I’ve dealt with my back trouble these past few months and subsequent surgery to fix it. You’ve been so wonderfully supportive–and I’m truly appreciative.


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