I know what you’re fantasizing about today…..

/I know what you’re fantasizing about today…..

I know what you’re fantasizing about today…..

daydreamWhen you’re taking a mental break or your thoughts happen to drift off in the middle of a task, I have a pretty good idea of what you’re thinking about…based solely on where you are in your monthly cycle.

Here’s what I’m guessing:

If you’re in the first half of your cycle–Week 1 and Week 2, which starts with menstruation and ends with ovulation–most of your daydreams are likely going to be about secret crushes, hopes of romantic relationships, activities you’d like to do with your current partner and/or steamy sex scenes that would make romance authors blush.

If you’re in the second half of your cycle–Week 3 and Week 4, which starts the day after ovulation and ends the day before your period–most of your daydreams are likely going to be about foods you’d like to try, meals you’d like make for upcoming holidays, favorite treats you miss and practically any other food you see on TV commercials, in magazine ads and on store shelves around you.

But, that’s not the only thing you’re thinking about: In-between mental feasts, your thoughts are likely turning to your home, for instance, you may daydream about redecorating a room, clearing out closets or starting a new organization system that makes home tasks easier.

How close am I? Pretty darned close, right?

Well, I’d like to say it’s because I have incredible mind-reading powers. But, truth is, like most everything I write about, it simply comes down to scientific studies.

Research shows that as estrogen and testosterone rise in the first half of your cycle, thoughts of romance and physical intimacy dominate your fantasies.

And thanks to progesterone revving your appetite, cravings and desire to “nest” in the second half of your cycle, your fantasies take a decidedly food-centric and homey turn on these days.

Today, I’m in my premenstrual Week 4–and I can attest that whenever my mind wanders off, I’m either dreaming of  eating cronuts (a sweet heavenly hybrid of croissant and doughnut) that I just discovered at a new bakery in my town or I’m fantasizing about finally packing up all my old clothes, unwanted electronics and other stuff and donating them to GoodWill. (My latest fantasy involves me bagging up my donation stuff, then rewarding myself with a cronut!)

So, what do you think? Is the research on target with what you’re daydreaming about today?

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