How you can enjoy progesterone’s mellowing effects any day of your cycle

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How you can enjoy progesterone’s mellowing effects any day of your cycle

ahhhA lot of Hormonology readers tell me they love Week 2 of their monthly cycle (the week leading up to and including ovulation) because they enjoy the way high estrogen and testosterone revs their mood, energy, drive, brainpower, willpower, physical desire, confidence and overall oomph.

However, I also regularly get emails from Hormonology readers who tell me they prefer their Week 3 (the week right after ovulation). As they explain it, they enjoy the mellow, relaxed feeling that comes from rising progesterone.

Hey, I get it. Even though I love my high-energy Week 2, sometimes, I can really get into the chilled-out vibe of my Week 3. Especially if I’ve had a hectic work-week and need help unwinding.

If you’re a woman who enjoys that subdued sensation from rising progesterone, I have some good news for you: You don’t have to wait till Week 3 to experience it.

You can get a spike in mellowing progesterone any day of your cycle. All it takes is watching a romantic movie or hanging out with one or more close girlfriends.

According to this study and this study, both activities trigger a temporary surge in progesterone. The researchers theorize it’s because this hormone helps us bond with others. So, when we’re in a romantic situation (for instance, while watching a romantic movie) or we’re spending time with friends, our body may churn out more progesterone to help us create a closer connection.

The wonderful side effect is that we get a warm, relaxed feeling to go along with it!

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