How to slow your roll in Week 2 of your cycle

How to slow your roll in Week 2 of your cycle

relaxThere’s lots to love about Week 2 of your monthly cycle, which starts 8 days from the start of your period. For instance, there’s the sharpened memory. Increased sensitivity to taste and smells. Better coordination and dexterity. Rise in confidence and derring-do. And boost in desire. Just to name a few.

However, for some women, there’s an aspect of Week 2 that’s not so awesome: the super-high mental and physical energy.

For them, this peaking energy boost translates into anxiety, edginess, an uncomfortable feeling that they’re sped up way too fast.

I get it. I experience that sometimes, too. It’s sort of like when you drink too much coffee, tea or Red Bull. And all you want to do is sloooowwww down.

Today, I got an email from a Hormonology reader who asked for ways to do just that–get slower and calmer in her Week 2.

So, here are a few of my favorite ways to blunt that over-the-top estrogen-fueled energy burst and usher in soothing calm. You’ve probably heard these before, so maybe this will simply be a good reminder to keep these or any of your own favorite relaxation-inducers in your back pocket during your Week 2 in case you need them:

1. Drink chamomile tea. This caffeine-free herbal tea with a subtly sweet flavor contains mildly sedating compounds that can take the edge off. Note: If you get ragweed allergies, then chamomile can make it worse. So, a good alternative for you would be jasmine tea. That’s because jasmine has been shown in studies to be calming when you consume it or simply inhale its fragrance.

2. Take a walk. Preferably outside somewhere near nature. Numerous studies show that being active near living, growing things–be it trees, grass, flowers, etc.–relaxes you in minutes.

3. Slow your breathing. Whether you do it with meditation, yoga or a biofeedback app (the one I use is at, slowing your breathing slows down everything else in your body, calming you. Even in anxious situations.

I hope these help give you soothing relief when you need it in your Week 2.

And, if you’ve got your own favorite energy-blunters you’d like to share, let me know!

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