How are your hormones affecting how generous you are right now?

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How are your hormones affecting how generous you are right now?

piggybankIf you’re like me, you probably get requests fairly regularly from friends, family and strangers to donate to various causes, contribute to a Kickstarter campaign or even help out with a loan.

Well, a recent study reveals surprising results about how much money most of us are willing to fork over to women compared to how much we’re willing to shell out to men on certain days of our cycle:

Specifically, during our Week 2 (the week leading up to and including ovulation), most of us tend to give significantly less money to other females than during the other three weeks of our cycle, according to the research team from the University of Texas at San Antonio and University of Minnesota Carlson School of Management that conducted the study.

On the other hand, most of us gals tend to be more generous to attractive men in our Week 2, giving away far more than we would to a woman with the same request.

Odd, right?

Wait, that’s not all these researchers discovered: Turns out, during Week 2, women tend to make financial choices based on how they can outdo other women.

For example? You might purchase designer brands, luxury goods or a more expensive model of a car because it’s better than what women you know already own.

Why the dramatic change in money matters when Week 2 rolls around?

The researchers believe it all comes down to ovulation at the end of this week. As they explain it, you’re subconsciously stingier with women and have a desire to look better than they do as a way to stand out and make yourself more attractive to eligible suitors during the most fertile phase of your cycle.

And you’re more generous with men during your Week 2 because it’s a form of flirting.

So, how can you use this information in your everyday life?

If you’re asking a woman to kick in a contribution for a cause, you might just want to find out where she is in her cycle before you make your request. And if she’s in Week 2, and into men, perhaps, it would be better to send an attractive guy to ask on your behalf–or simply wait till her Week 3 starts to ask.

And if you’re about to splash out on a diamond tiara or Bentley, you may want to think about where you are in your monthly cycle first–then decide if this is the best money move for you or you’re just getting a subconscious push from your ovaries to be the Queen Bee!

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