Hormonology Year in Review: What went right–and not so right

Hormonology Year in Review: What went right–and not so right

newyearBy now, you’ve probably seen dozens of “Year in Review” features on TV and online. Well, just to make sure you’re good and sick of them by January 1, I’m giving you one more: The Hormonology highlights for 2014.

Isn’t that totally considerate of me–and not a way to simply pat myself on the back for Hormonology accomplishments I’ve checked off my to-do list, remind you how awesome Hormonology is or get out of reading an 83-page study so I can find a way to summarize its many complex details into 350 peppy, engaging and enlightening words or less in a Hormonology Tip? I thought so, too!

So, let’s talk 2014, shall we?

Hormonology breaks new ground–or at least not totally over-developed ground–in 2014

I’d introduced my free Hormone Horoscope app in 2013. But, it wasn’t till 2014 that I added a nifty feature that has proven to be one of the favorite parts of this app, according to users: The note-taking feature.

If you haven’t tried it yet, you really should. It’s the quill and notebook icons on each calendar Hormone Horoscope page–the summary of how your day will turn out based on where you are in your monthly cycle.

You can use this note-taking feature to keep track of any facet of your life–your moods, health, exercise, food consumption, alcohol consumption, dark chocolate-covered pretzel rod consumption (I’m up to two already today), you name it–within your cycle. Then, you can review your notes and compare changes from month to month to figure out how your hormones may be impacting you.

I use the note-taking feature to track my migraines–and check how each migraine remedy I use has been working to decrease frequency and intensity. I know other users who use it to track their running time progress and shopping habits. And one woman actually has been using it to track how she feels about a new person she’s been dating to see if the high estrogen head-over-heels feelings last into the low-estrogen reality check phase. Smart!

If you haven’t downloaded my free Hormone Horoscope app yet, what are you waiting for? It’s free! You can get it from the App Store and Google Play.

That wasn’t the only Hormonology to-do I checked off my list in 2014, though:

I also launched a new Hormonology YouTube channel.

Yeah, sure there are only four video so far. But, in one I’m in my pajamas. So, that’s embarrassing enough that is should really count as two. And, now that I’ve got the ball rolling, more are on the way.

This month, I also dusted off my digital camera and upgraded my smartphone, which means, like millions of other folks, I now have an Instagram account! I’ve been using it to chart the ups-and-downs of my monthly cycle pictorially.

Seeing a visual representation of my cycle is fascinating. At least to me. It’s my monthly cycle and my digital pics. You may find this a tad less fascinating–but, interesting and worth a quick peek nonetheless. If so, you can check out my cycle pics here: Instagram.com/gabriellelichterman.

In addition to these, I’ve shared with you over 200 Hormonology Tips365 Hormone Horoscopes and been working on other Hormonology projects that will be sure to delight you in 2015.

Hormonology got love in 2014!

If you missed them, here are a few of the media outlets that came across Hormonology and decided it was pretty rad:

In The Telegraph, reporter Beverley Turner used Hormonology to chart one whole cycle day by day–with results that ended up surprising her.

Jezebel read that Telegraph article and thought what Beverley did was awesome.

The Daily Mail interviewed me for an article about some surprising effects of ovulation.

5 popular Hormonology Tips of 2014

Every week, I bring you hormone studies, practical tips and personal anecdotes designed to enlighten and amuse you about your hormone cycle. Sometimes, I miss the mark and they just kind of disgust you or really tick you off. (I should know–I’ve got the emails to prove it.)

Whatever your feelings were about them, here are 5 popular Hormonology Tips from 2014:

Does the moon affect your menstrual cycle? The research says one thing–the commenters say another. I got A LOT of email on this one. Most of it angry. Seriously, they totally put the “grrr” in Grrrl Power.

Easy way to make men more sympathetic about your cycle. Since I wrote this post, more research has come out to confirm this technique works. At least for some guys. I did get a few emails from readers insisting that nothing would make their male partner more sympathetic about their cycle. Except like, well, maybe a uterus and ovary transplant.

One big thing you shouldn’t be afraid to tell your doctor. For all the angry emails I got about the moon article, I got twice as many “thank you” emails for this post.

I know what you’ll be dreaming about tonight. This was the  more popular follow-up to my post “I know what you’ll be fantasizing about today.” So, in the great debate between nighttime dreams and daytime fantasies, dreams appear to win out.

When does Week 1 *really* start? Frankly, based on the amount of feedback I got from this Hormonology Tip that clarifies what is considered the first day of your cycle, I should have posted it long ago. Evidently, this is a question many women were asking themselves.

Thank you!

Thank you for sharing part of your 2014 with me. I appreciate all your emailstweetsFacebook posts, Facebook friendships, app reviews and other ways you’ve connected with me.

I hope you’ll enjoy what I’ve got planned for Hormonology in 2015.

And I hope you have a wonderful New Year!

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