Hormonology trick to getting more yesses

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Hormonology trick to getting more yesses

thumb1For me, one of the biggest benefits of Hormonology is that knowing how your hormones impact you and those around you makes it so much easier to plan your life to make it better.

You now have a science-based, practical way of knowing, in general, what to expect from your moods, energy, health and behavior every day. And you can figure out what to expect from other cycling women and men around you, too.

Here’s just one simple and effective way to use this hormone information for better planning: If you need something from someone else–say, a “yes” to a favor, a raise or promotion from your boss, a lower price on a product from a salesperson–you’ll boost your chances of getting what you want by requesting it at the right time in your cycle and/or in the right time in the other person’s cycle.

Here’s how:

In your own cycle, aim to ask for what you want during your Week 2, which starts 8 days from the onset of your period (or sooner if you have a cycle that’s shorter than 28 days).

In your Week 2, rising estrogen is making you more eloquent, it’s revving brain skills so you’re thinking faster on your feet and have a sharper memory, it’s improving your mood and optimism, and it’s ratcheting up your confidence–a combination that makes you more comfortable asking for what you want and better at coming up with a convincing argument.

You’re also wittier and more charismatic, so when facts won’t sway the person, a little winsome charm just might.

Not in your Week 2 when you need to  make a request? Or want to double your chances of hearing that “yes” you’re after? Here’s why knowing about other people’s hormone cycles helps you get what you want:

If you’re asking for something from a premenopausal women (a woman who still gets monthly periods), then wait till she’s in her Week 2 to request it.

How can you know where she is in her monthly cycle if she doesn’t announce it like I do? Look for these easy clues: She’s in a better mood and laughing at jokes more easily. She’s dressed in clothes that are more colorful and/or show off more of her figure, and she’s likely wearing more jewelry or accessories. She’s probably talking more, speaking at faster pace and using more high and low notes as well as big words. She’s also likely gesturing more with her hands and bringing up romance, grand ideas, social plans or impulse shopping when chatting.

The reason you want to ask a cycling woman for what you want when she’s in her Week 2 is because this is when she’s more open to new ideas, more optimistic about the outcome of plans or actions people propose to her and more likely to make snap decisions rather than weigh the pros and cons over and over–a combination that can make her far more likely to give you whatever you’re requesting.

If you’re asking a man for a favor, try to time it so you’re asking him either in the afternoon after he’s eaten lunch or in the evening after he’s eaten dinner. A man’s testosterone starts out high in the morning, which can make him more argumentative, stubborn and resistant to new ideas.

By afternoon and evening, his testosterone plunges to lower levels, making him more agreeable and open to proposals and negotiating. And asking him when he’s on a full stomach makes him even more upbeat and flexible.

I hope this little Hormonology planning tip helps you get more of what you want out of life. Let me know how it worked for you!

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