What happens to your fingers, face and breasts in Week 2?

/What happens to your fingers, face and breasts in Week 2?

What happens to your fingers, face and breasts in Week 2?

My HormonologyAn interesting thing happens to your body in Week 2 of your cycle as you approach ovulation (about 8 to 14 days after the onset of menstruation): High estrogen shifts soft tissue in your face, making your eyes, nose, ears and other facial features more symmetrical.

And that’s not all: Research shows your breasts and fingers become more symmetrical, too.

Wondering why? Researchers theorize that your body uses a boost in symmetry as a way to send a subtle message to others that you’re close to ovulating so you can attract a new mate or entice the one you already have during the fertile phase of your cycle.

So, how you can use this shift in symmetry in everyday life? Since increased symmetry is considered a sign of beauty, take advantage of this boost in attractiveness to take a new photo of yourself to post to a social media account or dating website. Or use the confidence you get from knowing you’re more stunning on these days to approach someone you’re attracted to and say, “Hi.”

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