Your hugs are more comforting to men in Week 3

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Your hugs are more comforting to men in Week 3

hugThe next time a guy you know (like your partner, co-worker, teammate or buddy) is stressed-out (say, over an upcoming job interview or big presentation) and it’s your Week 3, give him a hug.

Scientists have already shown that warm embraces are soothing because they trigger the release of oxytocin–a hormone that reduces stress and anxiety.

Now a new study in the journal Frontiers in Endocrinology reveals that during Week 3 of your monthly cycle, your hugs have an even greater calming effect on men in particular.

That’s because rising progesterone on these days prompts your body to send certain signals via your sweat that reduce the levels of a man’s testosterone and the stress hormone cortisol–an anxiety-diffusing combination that makes him more serene.

And if he isn’t the hugging type? Then sidle up to close to him. As long as he’s getting a whiff of the chemicals sent out in your sweat, you’ll be soothing his nerves–without his even knowing it.

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