Your beauty soars in Week 2!

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Your beauty soars in Week 2!

My HormonologyLongtime Hormonology fans have probably already heard about a study or two I’ve covered that shows your face and voice become more attractive in Week 2 of your cycle (8 to 14 days after the onset of your period) due to high estrogen, which prompts subtle changes in the symmetry of your features and the melodic tones of your voice.

Well, researchers seem to be really interested in confirming these findings because there are two recent studies–this one and this one–that came to similar conclusions, showing that your face shape becomes more attractive and your voice more pleasant to listen to during your Week 2.

So, how can you use this information? Here are just a few ideas:

1. Make a new connection: Whether you’re going on a first date or heading to a social function in the hopes of meeting new friends, try to schedule it to happen during your Week 2. Sure, it’s easier to win anyone over when you’re at your most beautiful. But, even more importantly, feeling attractive boosts your inner confidence. And that can make you a better conversationalist and more open to exploring any connection you may have with your date or approaching new people and introducing yourself.

2. Get your photo taken: Then update your LinkedIn and social networking profiles with your new Week 2 shots. Unfair as it is, research shows that boosting your attractiveness ups your chances of landing your dream job. And this holds true even if the recruiter is female. Luckily, there’s a legitimate reason for this–and it’s not because hiring managers are jerks. Researchers say it comes down to a phenomenon called the “halo effect” where we subconsciously equate physical attractiveness with an attractive personality, such as being friendly and upbeat.

3. Haggle with a man: Buying a car, house or other item that requires negotiating skills and the salesperson is a man? Take him on during your Week 2. Not only will your brain skills be sharpest at this point thanks to peaking estrogen, but recent research reveals that the sight of a beautiful woman short-circuits the male brain. That’s a double-whammy that can allow you to take control at the bargaining table!

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