Which week you take the biggest risks–and how to use it to your advantage

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Which week you take the biggest risks–and how to use it to your advantage

thiniceI admit it: I’m a big cheater.

How so? Naturally as the founder of Hormonology, I know how my hormones are going to be affecting me from week to week in my monthly cycle. So, when I’ve got a big decision to make or a major expense to consider, I often purposely wait till my Week 2 (which starts 8 days from the onset of your period and lasts through ovulation) to make it. 

That’s because research–like this and this–shows women are more apt to take risks in the days leading up to ovulation.

Researchers theorize that during this phase of our monthly cycle, our high hormones are pushing us to go out on a limb as a way to seek out the best partner so we’ll have someone suitable to fertilize our egg at the end of Week 2.

However, this risk-taking effect also happens to impact non-romantic decisions we’ll be making during this week.

So, when I’m trying to weigh whether to do something that could really take me out of my comfort zone (like signing up for a rock-climbing class) or is super-expensive (such as putting a new roof on the house), I head to my calendar and write a note to make the choice during my Week 2. That’s because I know that’s when I’m far more likely to go through with it–and far less likely to regret doing so. (At least while still in my Week 2.)

Now, in a classic do-as-I-say-not-as-I-do move, I’m supposed to tell you that it’s wiser to make a big, important decision by thinking about it each week of your cycle. That way, you’re considering it during weeks when you’re more prone to play it safe as well as be bold and take risks, helping you to carefully weigh the pros and cons. Yadda yadda.

But, to be honest, sometimes you just need a little nudge to do something you know you want to do or you have to do–and this wee bit of hormonal egging-on during your Week 2 can be a real help in pushing you to just go for it.

Let me know if you use your Week 2’s revved riskiness to take a big gamble that pays off for you!

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