You prefer symmetry in Week 2!Think you know why you’re attracted to a certain guy, for instance, because he’s smart, charming and handsome?

Actually, it could be because you’re in Week 2 and his face is symmetrical.

That’s the word from a 1998 study out of the University of New Mexico that found heterosexual women prefer the scent of men with symmetrical features leading up to ovulation (which occurs at the end of your Week 2).

How’d the researchers discover this? They asked brave female college students to sniff the sweaty shirts of male study volunteers throughout their cycle—without ever seeing the men. Turns out, the shirts the ladies preferred the most in Week 2 were those of symmetrical men.

As the researchers explain, symmetry is a sign of virility and health, helping to point women toward the best partner with whom to conceive a child.

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