When you prefer steamy movies!

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When you prefer steamy movies!

moviePlanning to rent a movie? Keep in mind where you are in your monthly cycle when making your selection.

According to a study out of the University of Alabama, you’ll enjoy films featuring super-hot stars who show a little skin and/or are involved in sexy storylines during your Week 1 (your period week), Week 2 and premenstrual Week 4.

But, not so much during your Week 3 (which starts right after ovulation in the middle of your cycle). Why? Your desire for steamy movies (not too coincidentally) mirrors the weeks of your cycle when you’re enjoying kisses, cuddles and other intimacy more in real life.

One other interesting finding of this study: You tend to prefer comedies over romantic dramas during your premenstrual Week 4. It may be because jokes are a better way to distract yourself from premenstrual moodiness and aches than romantic themes. Or your premenstrual cynicism may make it harder to suspend disbelief and swallow the floofy, pie-in-the-sky tales that come with most romances.

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