happywoman2Want to ask a female supervisor for a raise? Want the female president of an organization you’re a member of to greenlight your idea for a new project? Or need to hear a “yes” for any other reason from a woman who’s premenopausal, meaning she gets monthly periods? You’ll have better luck when you catch her in the second half of her Week 1 throughout the end of her Week 2 (which means approximately 4 to 14 days after the first day of her period). This is when rising estrogen is boosting feel-good brain chemicals, making her more upbeat, patient and open to new ideas.

Since not all women are like me and actually announce when their Week 1 has arrived, here are some easy clues to look for that will reveal when she’s in this phase of her cycle: She has a wide smile that shows teeth, she laughs more easily at jokes, she’s standing up straighter and gestures more, her voice is a little louder, she’s using higher and lower notes as she talks, and she’s chatty, confident and impulsive. These are all signs of rising estrogen.