Stress makes you smarter during your period

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Stress makes you smarter during your period

gradeaYour period week gets such a bad rap: It’s the butt of lame jokes. It’s blamed for everything from aches to zits. And it’s got more horrible nicknames than the Kardashian clan.

But, truth is, your period week isn’t all bad news.

Turns out, when you’ve got a bit of stress during your period–say, about a test, tight deadline or job interview–you actually perform better.

That’s right–you get smarter during your period when under stress.

That’s the news from a 1998 study from the University of London that found when you combine of the mood boost you get from rising estrogen in your period week with a little stress, you get revved and excited, which improves your memory, decision-making skills and other cognitive abilities.

So, what can you do with this information? Now that you know a bit of stress sharpens your noggin in your period week, use it to your advantage by taking on more challenging projects during these days!

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