Planning a celebration?

/Planning a celebration?

Planning a celebration?

balloonsIf you’ve got a birthday, anniversary, graduation or other occasion to celebrate, you’ll enjoy the festivities more by syncing up the type of event you want to have with the week of your monthly cycle. For instance, if you want a…

Silly time: Aim for Week 1 of your cycle. This is when low-but-rising estrogen has you in the mood for the type of fun you remember having as a kid, such as, mini-golf, amusement parks and anything with cake!

Wild party: Throw a huge bash during Week 2. High estrogen and testosterone make you more energetic, outgoing and flirtatious than any other week of your cycle!

Cozy luncheon: Host it during Week 3 of your cycle when rising progesterone coupled with lower levels of estrogen and testosterone have you enjoying quality bonding time with just a few best buds.

Princess for a day: If you want a day of luxury just for yourself—for instance, a mani/pedi, romantic comedy marathon or all the snacks you can eat without getting nauseous—plan it for Week 4. Plunging estrogen has you preferring more alone-time this week of your cycle. Plus, enjoying indulgent activities can help thwart premenstrual irritability and moodiness!

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