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Do you dread your premenstrual week because you’re worried about anxiety, irritation, anger or down moods striking out of the blue as estrogen plunges

Researchers found an easy, all-natural way to combat premenstrual moodiness so you can enjoy a more peaceful week: When negativity or depression arises, light a lavender-scented candle or apply lavender essential oil to your wrists and take a whiff.

According to a study in the journal BioPsychoSocial Medicine, inhaling lavender for 10 minutes significantly eases emotional symptoms related to PMS.

How’s it work? As the researchers explain it, certain compounds in lavender’s aroma are absorbed through membranes in your nasal passages, then travel to the brain where they have a relaxing, mood-lifting effect.

Inspired to grow your own lavender in an outdoor garden or indoor planter? As long as you’ve got a location that gets plenty of sunlight, you’ll have luck growing this fragrant, mood-lifting herb. Simply follow the easy steps shown here.