Misplaced something? Try to find it in Week 2

My Hormonology

Misplaced something? Try to find it in Week 2

My HormonologyEver misplace something–and thought you lost it for good?

For weeks I’d searched the house high and low for my favorite summer hat–a floppy, wide-brimmed cotton affair my husband gave me 18 years ago for a backpacking trip I took across Europe. It was perfect for the trip since you can bunch it up in a knapsack, but then it unbunches perfectly every time. Unbelievably durable, I’ve worn it every summer since.

So, I was super-bummed that it was nowhere to be found. I’d finally resigned myself to the fact that I’d lost it forever.

Then, during Week 2 in my last cycle (which starts 8 days from the onset of menstruation), I decided to look for it one last time.

After all, in Week 2 high estrogen and testosterone not only rejuvenate optimism–renewing my hope that I’d actually find the hat–these skyrocketing hormones also push your memory into superpowers territory.

So, I thought about the hat and thought about it and thought about and, then—boom!—just like that I remembered exactly where it was: In a tote bag I usually don’t use. I looked and, sure enough, there it was.

I bring this up because if you’ve misplaced something or can’t remember a combination to a lock or have had trouble recalling another important piece of information, try to focus on it during your Week 2. You may be surprised at what you remember!

If this memory-jogging Hormonology tip helps you remember something you thought you’d forgotten for good, let me know!

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