Why you should listen closely to guys in your Week 2

/Why you should listen closely to guys in your Week 2

Why you should listen closely to guys in your Week 2

My HormonologyPay close attention to how guys speak to you at the end of your Week 2 (starting 8 days from the onset of your period). Research in the journal PLOS ONE reveals that men tend to use a speaking style that’s distinctly different from yours when you’re approaching ovulation, which occurs at the end of this week. This means if you’re jokey and boisterous, they may try to be polite and low-key. Or if you tend to be matter-of-fact and impersonal, they may try to be charming and friendly.

Why the dissimilarity? Scientists already know that men pick up subconscious signals that indicate when you’re approaching ovulation. So, the researchers of this study theorize that men’s brains are wired in a way that they automatically try to be different from you on these days as a way make you notice them more during the most fertile phase of your cycle.

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