How are you at tongue twisters today?

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How are you at tongue twisters today?


There are lots of clues that can reveal which week you or another woman are on in your menstrual cycle, such as looking at energy levels, mood and what you’re wearing.

But, one of my favorite clues is saying tongue twisters!

Before I explain why, first try to say “Irish wristwatch, Swiss wristwatch”, “A proper copper coffee pot” or “She sells seashells by the seashore” three times fast.

Don’t read on till you do it! (No cheating!)

Okay, done? Good, now here’s what those tongue twisters reveal:

If you were spot on (or at least really close), researchers from Canada’s University of Western Ontario say you’re more likely to be in Week 2 of your cycle (which starts 8 days from the onset of your period).

That’s because high estrogen during this week is sharpening your verbal skills, making it easier to say similarly-sounding words without slipping up.

Couldn’t get through a tongue twister even once without stumbling? Then you’re more likely to be in the second half of your cycle when lower levels of estrogen take the shine off your verbal abilities.

See, easy, right? Now go try it on your girlfriends and see what happens!

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