Why blowing your top during your premenstrual week can literally save your life

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Why blowing your top during your premenstrual week can literally save your life

My HormonologyEver give in to the urge to vent, yell, scream or cry during your premenstrual week or another time in your cycle–then feel immediately guilty about it afterward?

Here’s one very good reason why you can yourself some slack whenever you blow your top: It can literally save your life!

That’s the word from researchers from the University of Rochester, Harvard School of Public Health and Columbia University. According to their 2012 study, compared to folks who stifle their feelings, folks who express their emotions are 70% less likely to die prematurely of cancer, 47% less likely to die early of heart disease and 35% less likely to develop any other seriously debilitating diseases.

Their theories why: Bottling up your emotions may cause hormone imbalances that lead to cellular damage in the body or it may push you toward unhealthy habits (like drinking alcohol in excess, smoking or eating junk food) that lead to major illnesses.

While constantly yelling at people probably won’t make you many friends, the real takeaway here is constantly suppressing overwhelming emotions has the potential to be harmful to your health.

So, find a happy, health-boosting medium by expressing your frustration, displeasure, disappointment or irritation when it arises in a constructive way (meaning no waving rolling pins around in the air), then resolve to move past it.

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