Feel dizzy in the second half of your cycle?

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Feel dizzy in the second half of your cycle?

spinningtop2I’ve been getting a bunch of emails lately from readers asking if the short, temporary bouts of dizziness they experience in the second half of their cycle are a normal part of hormone fluctuations or it’s time to see a doctor.

If you experience dizziness, too, here’s what you need to know: Dizziness can, in fact, be one side effect of plunging estrogen, which occurs during the first half of your Week 3 (which starts right after ovulation in the middle of your cycle) and all throughout your premenstrual Week 4. (I, myself, get dizzy spells premenstrually.)

However, because dizziness can be a symptom of a wide range of health conditions, it’s important not to simply dismiss them as purely hormone-related unless you’re certain. For instance, if the dizziness is long-lasting, frequent and/or is accompanied by other symptoms–such as headache, nausea, vision problems or pain–it’s key to see a doctor right away.

If your dizziness lasts for just a few seconds and hits you at the same time of your cycle month after month, then you can probably chalk it up to fluctuating hormones.

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