Dodge this food pitfall in Week 3

/Dodge this food pitfall in Week 3

Dodge this food pitfall in Week 3

My HormonologyDo you get the urge to consume more chips, cookies, ice cream and other comfort foods when you’re feeling down, lonely, stressed or irritable? If so, watch out in the second half of your Week 3, which is approximately 18 to 22 days after the onset of your period. Research shows that the combination of rising estrogen and progesterone makes you prone to doing more emotional eating on these days than during any other time in your cycle.

Watching your weight or your health? By simply being aware when this phase is coming up, you can overcome these hormonal effects by preparing to use your favorite non-food mood-boosters as alternatives, for instance, going for a walk, chatting with a best bud or heading to a yoga class. That way, you get the emotional lift you need without all the extra fat and calories.

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