The clothing choice that reveals you’re ovulating

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The clothing choice that reveals you’re ovulating

My HormonologyDo me a quick favor: Take a look at what you’re wearing today. Now take a look at what day you’re on in your menstrual cycle.

If you’re wearing shades of red or pink–say, a crimson dress or rose-hued scarf–there’s a good chance you’re in the latter half of your Week 2–which are the days leading up to and including ovulation the middle of your cycle.

That’s the news from a 2013 University of British Columbia study that found women are three and a half times more likely to wear red or pink clothes during ovulation than any other time of their cycle.

Their theory: When fertility is highest, you’re subconsciously drawn toward reddish colors because they’re considered sexy and attract more attention—two key ways to rev the desire in the mate you have or attract a new one in this high-conception phase.

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