Confidence in your appearance soars in Week 2

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Confidence in your appearance soars in Week 2

My HormonologyOn some days you may feel like whatever you do to your hair, clothes or makeup, you’re just not looking your best. But, you won’t have this problem during the second half of your Week 2, which starts about 10 days after the onset of your period. According to a 2009 study in the journal Personality and Individual Differences, you see yourself as more attractive on these days thanks to peaking estrogen, which pumps up your perception of your appearance.

So, how can you use this little fact to your advantage? Well, if you’re doing anything where you want to shine–say, throwing a party, going on a job interview or scheduling a first date–try to have it land on the second week of your cycle. Feeling beautiful prompts a surge in confidence that makes you more outgoing and charming–traits that most folks love.

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