Cocky guys catch your eye in Week 2!

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Cocky guys catch your eye in Week 2!

heartrtI recently watched the movie Crazy, Stupid, Love where Ryan Gosling’s confident character teaches Steve Carrell’s wimpish character how to pick up women in a bar and take them home. One by one the women fall for Ryan’s cockiness and charm and walk out the door arm-in-arm with him (okay, well, it is Ryan Gosling, after all).

Thing is, while it would seem unlikely that just any non-Ryan Gosling guy can use a cocksure attitude and flirtatiousness to pick up a gal, research suggests it’s not so far-fetched. Why? In Week 2 of your cycle (which starts 8 days after the onset of your period), you not only find potential love interests more attractive than during other weeks of your cycle (interesting, right?), you’re also more turned-on when they strut their stuff, flirt and out-compete other rivals vying for your attention, according to a study in the journal Psychological Science.

As the researchers explain it, it’s because during your Week 2, your high hormones are pushing you toward men with short-term relationship potential rather than those with long-term relationship potential. And it just so happens that confidence, playfulness and competitiveness all indicate that the man displaying these behaviors is perfect for a fling!

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