Bothered by nasal congestion in Week 2?

/Bothered by nasal congestion in Week 2?

Bothered by nasal congestion in Week 2?

My HormonologyIf you notice your nose is stuffier, you’ve got post-nasal drop or you’re bugged by other nasal congestion woes as you approach ovulation in your Week 2, it’s not your imagination.

Research—like this study—shows that a high level of estrogen in this week of your cycle triggers nasal swelling, inflammation and mucus production in women.

In fact, many pregnant women also find themselves battling nasal congestion due to the higher level of estrogen their body is producing.

For easy, all-natural relief, try a neti pot or nasal irrigator bulb (which you can find at drugstores and health food stores), which uses a mild salt water solution to reduce inflammation and flush out nose-clogging mucus.

Note: When making a salt water solution at home, never use tap water–which can harbor dangerous microbes–or regular table salt–which can result in burning. Use distilled water and non-iodized salt instead.

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