Are your hormones dressing you in Week 2?

/Are your hormones dressing you in Week 2?

Are your hormones dressing you in Week 2?

My HormonologyProbably! Several studies show that high estrogen in the second half of your Week 2 (approximately 10 to 14 days after the onset of your period) has a big influence on the type of clothing you’re choosing to wear. For instance, one study shows you’re likely selecting tops that are cut lower, skirts that are hemmed higher and clothing that hugs your body a bit tighter. Another study shows you’re more probably adding accessories, like a scarf or jewelry. And yet another study shows you’re three and a half times more likely to wear pink or red garments on these days than on other days of your cycle.

What gives? The researchers theorize that since this is the most fertile time of your cycle, you may be dressing more feminine and alluring as a way to attract a new partner or entice the one you current have. Alternatively, they speculate you may be using your fashion sense to ward off competition, letting other women know through the way you’re dressed that you have no intention of letting them lure away your sweetheart!

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