A little reminder about Hormonology…

A little reminder about Hormonology…

Hormonology is handy because it tells you how your hormones—specifically, estrogen, testosterone and progesterone—will be impacting your mood, energy, love life, shopping habits and more throughout the month based on a mountain of scientific data. However, I want to point out three important facts about the Hormone Horoscopes I write for you:

1. They’re open to interpretation: The Hormone Horoscopes are generalizations and should be interpreted by you in a way that applies to your own life and personality. For instance, if I point out that in Week 2 your high estrogen and testosterone make you bold, chatty and flirtatious, for some women that may mean heading out to parties and dancing on tabletops all night long and for others it may mean mustering the nerve to finally whisper “Hi” to the cutie you’ve been eyeing for over a month. So, what I’m really saying is that in the scope of your personality and in relation to what you tend to do, you’ll be bolder, chattier and more flirtatious than other weeks of your cycle.

2. You’re smart all cycle long: Sure, your brain skills and memory sharpen as estrogen and testosterone rise in Week 1 and Week 2, however, this doesn’t mean you drop 50 IQ points once reach the second half of your cycle. You’ll still shine at work and school and impress people at parties. You just won’t have rising estrogen and testosterone making it feel as effortless to do.

3. Some things trump hormones: If your Hormone Horoscope doesn’t seem to match the kind of day you’re having, it’s likely due to reasons that eclipse your hormonal effects. For instance, if you’re not feeling energetic in Week 2 when hormones should be pumping up your pep, it may be because you’re super-stressed or skimping on sleep. If you’re totally amped in Week 4 when plunging hormones should be making you sapped, it may be because you’re excited about a new love or job opportunity. What I’m saying is that hormones are just one part of the puzzle. An important part you should know about. But, just one part.

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