Introducing 3 new Hormonology journals

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Introducing 3 new Hormonology journals


I’m thrilled to announce three new Hormonology books are now available on Amazon—and you are going to LOVE them!

That’s because they’re journals you can use to track your menstrual cycle, plus create a custom path to making every day of your cycle happier and healthier! They’re like your favorite menstrual cycle tracker apps, but more customizable, easier to share with healthcare providers and 100% private.

Here are the 3 new Hormonology journals and how they can help you:

🗸 Hormonology® Menstrual Cycle Tracker Journal: You get 12 sets of menstrual cycle trackers to chart your flow, basal temperature, cervical mucus, plus all your emotional, physical and health changes every day of your cycle for 12 cycles. You also get 12 6-page sets of dot graph pages to create lists, graphs, logs and more.

🗸 Hormonology® Day-by-Day Menstrual Cycle Guided Journal: You get nine daily self-discovery questions that help you create a custom path to happier, healthier cycles. You also get cycle-boosting tips, cycle-syncing recommendations and bonus self-discovery questions.

🗸 Hormonology® 2-in-1 Menstrual Cycle Tracker + Day-by-Day Guided Journal: This combines both of journals into one handy volume.

Learn more about the new journals here.


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