Got a physically demanding task to do? Schedule it during your Week 2

/Got a physically demanding task to do? Schedule it during your Week 2

Got a physically demanding task to do? Schedule it during your Week 2

caulkToday I got an email from Laura who tells me:

“I have to complete a strength test for work soon. Should I book it for Week 2 when my estrogen and testosterone levels are the highest?”

If you have the ability to schedule something you need to do that requires a lot of physical strength and stamina, I’ll tell you what I told Laura:

Absolutely book it during Week 2 of your cycle–preferably as close to ovulation as possible.

As Laura noted, these are the days when estrogen and testosterone are highest.

And that means your physical power is at its highest it will be all cycle, too.

This can apply to anything from planting a garden and tiling the bathroom to taking a physical endurance test to join the police academy or become a firefighter.

Personally, when I’m able, I schedule every physically intense activity I have to do to fall during my Week 2. I find I power through the task more easily, have fewer aches and pains from doing it and am a lot less whiny about it!

Hope this hormone-harnessing tip helps you the next time you’ve got an arduous task you can schedule!

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  1. Bill Chaffee December 31, 2015 at 6:41 am

    I’ve wondered if a woman is more likely to accept a date or a marriage proposal during any particular point in her cycle. With regard to everyday life, I have to admit that I caved in to telemarketing sales pitches against my better judgement. I would never make it in that profession.

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