Gift exchanging according to your cycle

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Gift exchanging according to your cycle

giftLove the fun of gift-exchanging during the holiday season? Believe it or not, where you are in your cycle can affect how you feel about getting a present! Here’s how….

Week 1: You’re quick to move on
Day 1 (onset of menstruation) to Day 7
If you’re in the first half of your Week 1 and are struggling with menstrual-related pain or fatigue, once the gifts are opened, you may be tempted to make a hasty retreat to a bedroom, TV room or other quiet corner to deal with your discomfort or tiredness. However, if your period is smooth sailing and have no pain or fatigue to drag you down, then you may want to remind yourself to slow your roll as you open presents. With estrogen rising higher day by day in your Week 1, it’s boosting your mood, excitement and enjoyment of uncovering surprises, which could make you quick to move on from one gift to the next and next and next as you enjoy a frenzy of present-opening.

Week 2: You’re in excitement overload
Day 8 to Day 14 (or ovulation)
Like Week 1 gals, high estrogen is fueling your energy and enthusiasm, which could inspire you to attack the wrapping paper on a present as if you were a hungry bear charging your way into a packed picnic basket. So, you may want to slow yourself down to enjoy and prolong the gifting experience a bit. Be aware: If someone gives you a great present, you could be tempted to give him or her a huge bear hug or jump straight into their arms thanks to peaking hormones, which make you a lot more emotionally expressive. Just remember that some people have bad backs and heart conditions–and that a nice gentle kiss on the cheek may be more appreciated.

Week 3: Your emotions are muted
Day 15 (day after ovulation) to Day 22
Unlike Week 2 gals, even if someone surprises you with a gift you’ve been wanting for years or that is unbelievably generous, you may find it difficult to show your happiness on the outside due to rising progesterone, which makes you more sedate and less emotive. So, if you ever want to get another awesome present like that again, you may want to try to remind yourself that the excitement you feel on the inside may not be transmitted to your face or gestures–and to smile wider, jump up and down, squeal in delight or express your gratitude in other overt ways.

Week 4: You’ve got high expectations
Day 23 to end of cycle
While from time to time, we all receive gifts that aren’t really us or we don’t get the gift we were hoping for, you could get a tad more disappointed if this happens to you during your premenstrual week. That’s because plunging estrogen can make you more easily irritated and blue and more prone to dwelling on the negative. So, before opening a gift, try to have slightly lower expectations. And, if it’s not perfect, think about something positive instead, for instance, that someone thought enough of you to get or make you a gift even if it wasn’t spot-on.

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