Get more done every day by “double-syncing”

Get more done every day by “double-syncing”


Love the way you can plan projects, tasks, trips, social events, errands and other to-dos around your monthly cycle because you know what your energy level will generally be like from week to week? (If you need a refresher, read this quick Hormonology Guide to your energy level throughout your cycle.)

Well, I’m here today to tell you that there’s a super-easy way you can make this energy-syncing tip even more effective so you can get even more done every day:

During each cycle week, pinpoint the time of your day when your energy tends to peak–for instance, the morning, afternoon or evening–then get all your big, important stuff done during those hours. In other words, double-sync your day.

I was reminded of this trick last week when it was my Week 3–the week right after ovulation when the powerfully sedating effects of rising progesterone make it feel like I’m hitting a brick wall, slowing me down to a mental and physical crawl. I was finishing up the text for my next Hormone Horoscope app, so I needed lot of mental energy. That’s because if I get even a little drowsy, it’s game over for my writing. Normally, I would knuckle down on a big writing project in my Week 2 when high energy gives me more momentum. But, I’m on a schedule and needed to wrap up the project–so waiting wasn’t an option.

Therefore, I pinpointed the hours when I’m most alert and energized during my Week 3: They’re from 10 am to 1 pm–which is after the caffeine from two cups of tea have hit my system and before my afternoon progesterone crash kicks in. I turned off my phone, closed my Internet browser and placed a “do not disturb” sign on my chair–and I wrote as much as I could during those hours. And, wouldn’t you know, despite my Week 3 slowdown, I finished the app text on schedule.

Now, in general, I’m a morning person, however my most alert hours can change from week to week in my cycle. For example, during my high-energy Week 2, I tend to get more revved as the day goes on and I get more brilliant (of course) ideas churning through my high-estrogen brain.

This is why I’m suggesting that you make notes of when your prime energy hours are during each week of your cycle as you go through them–your Week 1 (which starts with your period), Week 2 (the week leading up to and including ovulation), Week 3 (the week right after ovulation) and Week 4 (your premenstrual week).

Then, when planning your projects, tasks, trips, social events, errands and other to-dos around your monthly cycle, also take into account that prime energy time you noted and try to squeeze all your most important activities into those hours. Like me, you’ll probably see that you can get a whole lot more accomplished.


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