airmattressHave an air mattress to blow up? Lots of party balloons to fill? An inflatable toy that needs pumping up? Or need a whole lot of breath for something else?

Save all the blowing for Week 3 of your cycle–the week right after ovulation.

Research shows that you exhale more breath on these days compared to the rest of your cycle.

As a result, you’ll fill up these air-filled objects faster.

Credit for the deeper exhales during your Week 3 goes to the combination of estrogen and progesterone, which make it easier to exert pressure on muscles that help your lungs expel air.

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Gabrielle Lichterman is a longtime women’s health and lifestyle journalist whose articles have appeared in dozens of major magazines and newspapers around the globe including Cosmopolitan, CosmoGIRL, Glamour, Marie Claire, The New York Daily News and Woman’s World. Gabrielle began developing Hormonology® and the Hormone Horoscope® in 1999 and has been sharing menstrual cycle-related research and tips through her apps, blog, book, newsletter and magazine articles ever since.

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