Free week-by-week Hormonology Guides that show you how your hormones impact EVERYTHING

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Free week-by-week Hormonology Guides that show you how your hormones impact EVERYTHING

Sometimes, I like to kid myself by believing that, like me, you can’t get enough of all the fascinating and quirky studies about how our cycling hormones impact us in their many unexpected ways (who can forget the research about which cycle days we’re better at tongue twisters or the study that found we make more right turns during our period?).

And I also like to kid myself into thinking that you just can’t live without my many insightful, thought-provoking tips about how to make the most out of our monthly cycle (like the time I told you how I actually hope that your Hormone Horoscope is wrong and when I recommended listening to your hormones…then telling them to shut the @#$%! up).

But, I’m no fool.

I know you’re here for one big thing–you want to know how your hormones will impact your mood, energy, romantic life, work life and more every day of your cycle. And, you want this information in easy-to-read guides that give you the information fast and in a way that you can apply it to your life right away.

Well, good news: I’m okay with that. And, I’ve made it easy for you to find out all this information.

You see, on my website I’ve got my Hormonology Guides listed conveniently all on one page here. This is where you can quickly look up dozens of topics–such as energy, spending habits, memory, anxiety and so on–to find out how your hormones are impacting each issue throughout your entire cycle.

My personal favorite is the Ultimate Hormonology Guide to Christmas and New Year’s. Mainly because it looks like I must have been drunk when I wrote it. Just kidding. I don’t even drink alcohol (it’s a migraine trigger–bummer). But, clearly I was little loopy while typing it up–maybe it was too many holiday sugar cookies.

I’ll be adding to this page regularly with new Hormonology Guides, so check back. And if you have a suggestion for a  Hormonology Guide topic I haven’t covered yet, let me know. I’m all ears!

I hope you have a great weekend! (And, hey, you should totally use my Hormonology Guide to great weekends to have an even better one!)

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