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Today’s Hormone Horoscope
If your lady is dealing with painful cramps, she can be grouchy or curt at times. But, considering it feels like someone grappling with a fishing hook in her pelvis right now, you’re actually getting off easy.

If she’s not experiencing cramps, then your honey tends to be quiet and low-key—but, little by little, she’s whirring to life and coming out of her shell. That’s because her estrogen is slowly climbing up after having hit rock-bottom yesterday. If she’s sensitive to this rising hormone, you may notice she becomes more upbeat and chattier today. For other women, the mood-boosting effects of rising estrogen can take another day or two to kick in.

Unexpected, but true: Your sweetheart’s libido tends to be on the high side during her period. That’s a result of all the congestion and action down below, which is stimulating nerve endings. As a result, she may bring up the idea of sex to you at some point today.

Unfortunately, many women are sidelined by menstrual-related aches and pains that make sex about as desirable as a sugar-free doughnut.

But, if your honey isn’t feeling any discomfort, she may still nix the idea of sex if she’s anxious about staining the sheets or worried that you may be squeamish.

If she makes it clear that she’d be up for intimacy if it wasn’t for her period and you’re interested in being intimate with her, too, then put her fears to rest by suggesting you lay a dark towel over the bed and assure her that you have no problem dealing with a little menstrual fluid if it means you can fulfill her desires.

Your partner’s pep tends to be just above idling level due to the energy-sapping combination of low estrogen and dipping iron, which occurs during menstruation. Oh, she’ll still likely be able to make it to school, work or through the important stuff on her to-do list. But, you may want to hold off on taking her square dancing till a higher-energy day.


Keep it simple: Menstrual cramps and fatigue can sideline even the most usually active woman. So, unless your lady asks for something more energetic, plan an activity that requires little physical or mental pep to enjoy.

Make it familiar: Low-estrogen gals tend to prefer what’s tried-and-true over anything new and unusual.

Get her laughing: A good chuckle can help her forget the pain of cramps and annoyance of fatigue.

Date ideas: Feed birds in the park, share lunch at her favorite café, watch a stand-up comedy show on TV.


Offer her a pep-booster: Make her a cup of tea, get her favorite gourmet coffee or slip her a chocolate chip cookie. Whatever type of energy-lifter she prefers, make sure she’s got it to help counter period-related fatigue.

Take on the heavy lifting: If you see her dragging out the garbage or hoisting big bags of groceries, swoop in and take over. She may be dealing with uterine cramps, a migraine, backache or other menstrual pain that physical exertion can worsen.

Make her day easier: Bring home dinner, clean up the dishes, walk the dog or do anything else that can save her time or energy on this low-pep, high-pain day.

My Hormonology

Today’s Hormone Horoscope
When all is going well for your honey—for instance, the upstairs neighbor’s sewer line didn’t break and flood her closet or a runaway boulder didn’t just flatten her new Prius—she tends to be upbeat, optimistic, confident and outgoing.

She’s got more mental energy, creativity and ambition and so is thinking a lot about work, friends, family, personal projects and future plans. And, thanks to an increasing hormone-fueled desire to chat up a storm, she wants to tell you all about it. In detail. Lots and lots of detail.

Be ready for adventure, fun and maybe even a little mayhem. Your partner’s rising estrogen has her itching to do something bold, daring, unusual and worth bragging about to envious friends—and, chances, are she wants to take you along for the ride.

Avoid heavy meals, overimbibing in alcohol and committing to babysitting your sister’s kids today. That’s because you’ll want to be available at a moment’s notice in case your sweetums wants to suddenly drag you into the bedroom. And, on a day like today in her cycle, there’s a high chance of her doing so. Thanks to rising estrogen, her sexual thoughts and urges are more frequent and intense. Even better, her orgasms are easier to reach and produce more all-over sparks and tingles that last and last.

Naturally, not all women will experience this libido surge every cycle. At times, your honey can be hampered by stress, fatigue, illness, depression or certain medications. But, once she’s past whatever challenge she’s currently facing, she’ll likely return to a healthy sex drive once again.

Your better half is experiencing a surge in energy and endurance—and these continue to improve all the way through ovulation thanks to rising estrogen. While big energy-robbers (like job stress or illness) might drag her down, she’ll likely be able to overcome smaller challenges (like a lousy night’s sleep or staying up late to party like it’s her freshman year) and keep up her momentum.

Make it exciting and creative: She’s up for the kinds of activities that provide a thrill, are unusual and teach her something new.

Invite her friends: Or go someplace where you can make new ones. As estrogen rises, she’s happiest when among lots of people she can socialize with.

Surprise her: Rising estrogen gals love the unexpected!

Date ideas: Take a circus acrobatics, wrangle invites to a launch party, attend an interactive performance art event.

Start a conversation: Rising estrogen is giving your honey the urge to talk like her life depends on it. So, when you give her the opportunity to release the pent-up chatter in her head—say, by asking her about a class she took or her views on world events—it’s like an orgasm for her brain, simultaneously giving her a mood boost and relaxing her.

Be up for spontaneous adventure: When she suddenly suggests driving to the city, taking horseback riding lessons or bungee jumping out of a hot air balloon, she’s expecting you to go along with her idea—and to come up with zany ideas of your own, too.

Prepare for parties: During this cycle phase, she enjoys being around friends, family and even strangers far more. As a result, she might suggest organizing an impromptu gathering, hosting a game night or organizing a monthly social group at your home.

My Hormonology

Today’s Hormone Horoscope
Don’t expect a lot of spontaneous dancing in the grocery store aisles, the suggestion that you go on an ice fishing trip together or other high-silly, low-comfort actions from your gal today. She’s likely to be more serious and prefer activities that are easy and comfortable to do. That’s because the combination of rising estrogen and progesterone is mellowing her out and sapping her pep.

From the outside, your honey may at times look bored or ticked off or she may seem to be giving you the silent treatment. But, truth is, this hormonal combo tends to make her quieter and less expressive, so she may actually be perfectly fine or even happy. Keep this in mind if you’re planning to surprise your sweetie with a party, play-off tickets or a dream vacation, since you may be perplexed by her ho-hum reaction.

One thing that can bust your darling’s calm exterior to smithereens is a sudden drop in blood sugar—a condition that can happen more frequently during this cycle phase in some women due to progesterone. If this happens to her, it can trigger flashes of anger or intense sadness out of the blue, making you wonder if you accidentally ran over her new puppy. Get her some food to eat and if her problem is blood sugar-related, then she’ll likely return to her mellow self again within a few minutes.

If your partner struggles with feelings of hopelessness and dejection during this phase of her cycle, but it goes away during other cycle phases, she may be sensitive to progesterone, which can cause depression in some women. Avoid playing music by The Smiths when she’s around and change the TV channel whenever the hungry babies or abused animal commercials come on to prevent making things worse. Within a few days, her progesterone will be plunging, which may help alleviate some of this hormone-fueled sadness.

Continuing a trend that started five long days ago, your honey’s libido is on the downswing as her progesterone continues to rise. Worse yet, when she does get interested in intimacy, this hormone can make it take longer for her to climax and the climaxes she does manage to have can be like the unsatisfying “lite” version of the orgasms she has in other weeks of her cycle.

Guys who have half a shot at making their lady swoon with desire—or at least shrug and say, “Eh, why not?” to sex—are those who bring it The Notebook-style: They’re sweet, sensitive and show they care. No, you don’t have to renovate a whole entire house like Noah did for Allie in the famous love story. Smaller gestures also work, for instance, since her food cravings are peaking right now you can bring her a favorite snack. Research shows that in this cycle week women are more attracted to men who aren’t afraid to display their softer side.

From the moment your sweetheart woke up this morning, she’s likely been counting the minutes till she can climb back into bed and go to sleep. That’s because high progesterone is triggering the kind of fatigue that makes sleeping pill companies nervous. So, don’t take it personally when she wants to cut your date night short or says she can’t make it to your band’s midnight performance.

Eat up: Continuing a trend that started five days ago, your partner is likely experiencing some serious hunger pangs that barely let up. That’s a side effect of rising progesterone, which turns up her appetite as far as it will go. On top of that, this hormone is making her crave foods that are high in fat, sugar and salt.

Make it familiar: Progesterone has her preferring activities, destinations and people she knows well over anything new and unusual.

Rein it in: Her mental and physical pep are low during this cycle phase due to the sedating effects of progesterone, so you may want to keep dates short and simple.

Date ideas: Take her to a restaurant or bakery known for a type of dessert or other food that she loves but rarely treats herself to, visit a favorite nature preserve, go for a drive through the countryside.

Help her nap: There’s a chance she won’t be able to make it through the day without a quick nap to shake off high progesterone’s sleepy effects. So, do what you can to facilitate her siesta, such as taking the kids or dog to the park.

Watch the chick flick with her: Or the documentary or drama. High progesterone is making her enjoy more weepy or serious entertainment on these cycle days.

Counter her negative self-talk: At this point in her cycle, high progesterone is making her foggy-headed and bloated—a combination that can make her doubt her skills or appearance. So, if she starts to say negative things about herself, try boosting her confidence back up by reminding her of the things you love about her.

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