chillyAre there days when you huddle in a sweater and fingerless gloves at your office because you’re convinced someone set the thermostat to arctic blast? Or wonder how folks can walk around in shorts and t-shirts outdoors when you’ve got four layers on and still feel your teeth chattering?

Where you are in your monthly cycle could be the reason you feel colder than other folks around you who think the temperature is perfectly fine.

According to numerous studies (such as this and this), during the second half of your cycle, you’re more sensitive to colder temperature due to a slight increase in your body’s core temperature caused by rising progesterone.

The takeaway: When the second half of your cycle rolls around (which occurs right after ovulation), be prepared to feel chillier, so dress for warmth, dodge a/c air vents and skip the ice bath.

[Photo: This is Awkward]