Fall asleep fast during your ovulatory phase? What one study says it reveals about your mate

/Fall asleep fast during your ovulatory phase? What one study says it reveals about your mate

Fall asleep fast during your ovulatory phase? What one study says it reveals about your mate

couple5Sometimes, I come across a hormone study that’s really interesting or surprising or funny–but, I don’t share it here because it only speaks to a certain segment of women or has the potential to really offend some folks.

But, I’m going to break that rule today to share this recent study in the journal PLOS ONE that only speaks to women in relationships and could be construed as a bit offensive–but it also makes me laugh and it’s Friday, so I’m feeling a bit more relaxed about enforcing my own rules.

Regardless of your relationship status–or how easily offended you are–I think you’ll find this study interesting, too.

Okay, ready? Here it is….

Turns out, women who have a physically attractive partner sleep less on nights during their ovulatory phase–the second half of Week 2 through the first day of Week 3–than women with a partner who isn’t as physically attractive.

The reason?

The researchers theorize that women with hotties are willing to stay up longer on these nights to be intimate with their hunk. This may be a biological push to encourage you to mate with someone who has ideal genes to pass on during the fertile phase of your cycle.

Meanwhile, the researchers speculate that women with partners who are better known for their personality than looks head to bed earlier to avoid intimacy. This may be a biological push to avoid mating with someone with less than desirable genetic material during this fertile time.

As an interesting aside, the researchers note that women with less attractive mates may also be getting to bed earlier on these days in their cycle because they’re so tuckered out from all the flirting they’re doing with cuties who are more attractive than their current mate.

You can see why I put off sharing this study, right???

While I find this study amusing–okay, it reeealllly has me in stitches–let me just saying that many of us gals are absolutely thrilled to have a partner who makes us laugh, gleefully shares the housework and childcare and is our total BFF–even if that person isn’t going to win any modeling contests. So, this isn’t a comment on the types of sweethearts we choose.

And, frankly, if we weren’t physically attracted to the person on some level–no matter what they looked like–we probably wouldn’t be with them.

Unlike most of my other Hormonology Tips, I don’t have a great takeaway from this study. I mean, other than if you find that you’re one of those women who conks out fast during your ovulatory phase, don’t take it as an indication of how attracted you are to your honey. Maybe you just drink too much chamomile tea! : )

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