Hormonology taught Erica about her cycle—and herself

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Hormonology taught Erica about her cycle—and herself


Hormonology Helped Her

As part of the series, “Hormonology Helped Her”, I’m interviewing Hormonology fans to find out how they use the knowledge about their hormonal effects in their everyday life. Here’s what Erica had to share…

Hormonology taught Erica about her cycle—and herself

When Erica Leigh Lucier discovered Hormonology a little over a year ago while doing an online search, it introduced her to the basics of her cycle that she hadn’t yet known.

But, it also taught her something even more valuable: a new appreciation for herself.

The 24-year-old from Ashburnham, Massachusetts explains why she’s glad she ran across Hormonology and how it’s changed her self-perspective.

My Hormonology


What did you know about the hormonal effects in your cycle before Hormonology?   

Very little. I knew that PMS and PMDD existed, but had wrong impressions of the timing and details of both. I knew that women tend to get “moody” from their cycles and that increased food cravings and cramps were a thing.

How did the hormone information you learned from the Hormonology app, website, book or other tool affect how you feel about your monthly cycle?

These tools have changed my feelings towards my monthly cycle in countless ways. One of the biggest being an improvement in my relationship with myself.

If I say I’ve always had a conflicted relationship with myself I’m sure a lot of women can relate with that. Self-respect, self-esteem and self-awareness have come in waves for me with some pretty low points over the years. Not to say I don’t still have my days, but it’s like I’ve found that missing puzzle piece to help me understand where my thoughts and emotions are stemming from.

I think I’ve focused so much energy on changing things I truly didn’t understand until I found Hormonology and learned such useful information. The more I learn about the month-long effects of a women’s hormone cycle, the more I become a problem-solver instead of a confused and negative Nancy. I can be prepared and actually avoid the negative effects or find relief when I know what to expect.

In addition to that, Hormonology has given me a priceless wealth of knowledge that sparked a real passion for understanding women’s health, a new way to talk about hormonal effects with friends, family and my partner, etc.

Hormonology has taken my monthly cycle and transformed it into less of a scary shadow on the wall and more into an understood part of me that I can welcome.

Has learning about your hormones had an impact on others around you?

Undeniably. It has impacted me in such a way that it shapes the way I interact with others.

I have a better understanding of the effects of hormones all month long which has helped me have more accountability and better communication.

I’d say I can get a little annoying when I go off on a hormone rant to my dad or my boyfriend (probably in Week 2 lol), but seeing me happy makes them happy, too. So it’s a win, win.

Anything you want other people to know about hormonal effects in their cycles?

I have struggled with some mental health issues for a good portion of my life, but what’s more is the physical health obstacles I face as well.

I have a connective tissue disorder that I’m just learning about and I’ve always been faced with seemingly random days that I’m way worse than others. I’d ask myself, “What did I do to feel this terribly all of a sudden?” and a lot of times my hormone cycle was the missing link!

And, there is SO much more control I can have with all of this new information. I want other women, particularly those affected by an underlying condition, to learn about their hormones and how they can reduce or avoid additional pain and sickness from their monthly cycle.

Anything else that you feel is important to know?

I know our cycle lengths can change sometimes. Well, last month I checked my Hormone Horoscope app to see what day I was on and I knew it didn’t feel accurate. I went with my gut and changed the day in my app to reflect my symptoms. Fast forward a few weeks and just like that I was validated.

I am a master of my cycle now thanks to Hormonology and all the hard work you do. It’s been an invaluable asset to me and I encourage women to learn and teach young teens about their hormones to build a brighter and more empowered tomorrow!

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