Don’t be afraid to bend the “rules” to personalize Hormonology for you

Don’t be afraid to bend the “rules” to personalize Hormonology for you

rulesI give you a lot of recommendations when it comes to how to plan your life around your monthly hormone cycle. For instance, I’ve told you to…

> Get started on new projects in your Week 1 (which begins with the onset of menstruation) to take advantage of a rising estrogen-fueled boost in physical and mental energy.

> Enjoy physical intimacy during your Week 2 (which starts 8 days from the onset of menstruation) when high estrogen and testosterone intensify pleasurable sensations.

> Schedule dental appointments during your Week 2 when pain is less intense thanks to a high level of estrogen, which helps churn out more pain-masking endorphins.

However, if you feel that you’re better off doing a certain task in another week of your cycle due to a different hormonal effect or some other reason, then go for it. I just did.

Let me explain:

I’m going in for oral surgery on Wednesday. And I purposely scheduled the appointment to fall during my Week 3 (which starts the day after ovulation).

Why not my Week 2 like I advise above?

Because I have major dental anxiety. Like, bad. If I even just see a dentist on TV, I have to brew myself a cup of calming chamomile tea to stop from shaking. (To be fair, I have had some seriously masochistic dentists in the past. No lie, they could give mobsters a run for their money.)

So, for me, having dental surgery in my Week 2 would be a disaster because high estrogen can ratchet up your body’s stress response, making it last longer and become more intense. This means I would likely get so anxious, I’d run out of the room before I even saw the scalpel.

On the other hand, in my Week 3, I’d be a bit calmer. That’s because estrogen dips–reducing that stress-amplifying effect–while sedating progesterone rises–keeping me a bit more relaxed.

Therefore, I’m willing to swap the week in my cycle when pain is the least with the week when I’m most sedate–because I know that will work better for me.

So, the next time I give you a recommendation when it comes to planning your life around your monthly hormone cycle, remember it’s just that–a recommendation. You know yourself best. If you think something would work better for you on a different day of your cycle than I suggest, try that instead.

Then, tell me how it worked for you so I can keep it in mind for other women in a similar situation.

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