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Cycle Scent Series


Want a happier, easier monthly cycle? It’s as easy as breathing in pleasant scents!

Numerous studies over decades show that aromatherapy–inhaling aromas to prompt beneficial changes in your brain or body–is backed by actual evidence.

Scientists explain it’s because when you breathe in aromas, you’re actually inhaling microscopic particles that get absorbed through nasal passages into your bloodstream, where they then exert certain effects.

I’ve rounded up aromatherapy research that shows how specific scents can help you make every day of your cycle better. Here’s what to sniff:

Rein in menstrual cramp pain by breathing in lavender

Tame stress with the scent of black tea

Quiet cravings with peppermint and reduce appetite with olive oil aromas

Get better premenstrual sleep by inhaling jasmine

Ease premenstrual syndrome (PMS) symptoms with fragrant Damask rose


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