Gabrielle Lichterman is a sought-after hormone behavior and cycle-syncing expert who has been interviewed widely about how hormones impact moods, health and behavior in women—and how to make the most of them.

My HormonologyGabrielle is a longtime respected women’s health journalist who pioneered the growing cycle-syncing and hormone awareness movement in 2005 with the first edition of her groundbreaking book, 28 Days: What Your Cycle Reveals About Your Moods, Health and Potential. 28 Days was the first book ever to show women how they could predict virtually every aspect of their day based solely on where they are in their menstrual cycles.

After the publication of 28 Days, Gabrielle founded Hormonology—an educational outreach mission that teaches how hormones impact moods, health and behavior throughout the menstrual cycle.

She’s also the creator of the popular suite of Hormone Horoscope Apps and Female Forecaster App, which have been downloaded from the App Store and Google Play more than one million times.

Gabrielle is a lively and informative interview guest who is flexible with time, sensitive to deadlines and supplies writers, producers, bloggers and other media with backup research and other materials needed for their story. Review copies of 28 Days are available upon request.

MEDIA: Gabrielle responds to media inquiries within the hour. If you’re on deadline, contact Gabrielle directly at or 917-370-2761.

Where you’ve seen, read or heard Gabrielle

Gabrielle has appeared in live and taped segments on ABC, CBS, FOX and NBC TV news segments across the U.S. and radio shows around the globe.

She has been a featured guest on blogs, live chats and podcasts, including Amanda Laird’s The Heavy Flow Podcast and Nina Babel’s Keep It 100 Girl Podcast.

Her expertise has been featured in popular magazines and newspapers worldwide, such as Bridal Guide, Brides, Cosmogirl, Glamour, Marie Claire, Natural Health, Redbook, Self, Shape, Women’s Health and Working Mother.

Gabrielle has also been a spokesperson for Procter and Gamble’s Always “Have a Happy Period” campaign and Instead Softcup.

My Hormonology

Gabrielle can speak on a wide variety of cycle-related topics, including…

  • How to sync virtually every aspect of your life with your menstrual cycle, such as career, family, romantic relationships, purchasing decisions, diet, exercise and health, just to name a few
  • Study-backed way to combat cycle-related problems, such as poor sleep, food cravings, fatigue, menstrual cramps and mood issues
  • How to predict what your day will be like based solely on where you’ll be in your menstrual cycle, such as your mood, energy, shopping habits, desire to socialize, sleep quality, which foods you’ll be craving, health and much more
  • How to find love or improve your relationship by knowing how your hormones impact your libido and ease of orgasm, the type of person you’re attracted to, jealousy (in both you and your partner) and how emotionally close you feel in a relationship throughout your cycle
  • How to be more productive at work, school and home and on personal projects by knowing how hormones impact motivation, ambition, goal-setting and energy
  • How to reach weight and fitness goals faster by syncing your efforts with the ups and downs of hormones in your cycle
  • How to make smarter money decisions by taking into account how your hormones impact how much you spend or save as well as which types of purchases you’re more prone to making in each phase of your cycle
  • Understanding how hormones are impacting a loved one, such as your child, partner, friend or family member, to forge a closer bond with that person or help them with cycle-related challenges
  • Ways to spot if you or someone you know has premenstrual dysphoric disorder (PMDD), which is a debilitating condition characterized by intense changes in mood, anxiety, depression and/or physical pain that interfere with everyday life in the two weeks before your period
  • How to spot changes in a chronic health condition that could be affected by your cycle, such as asthma, eczema and allergies, and how to use that information to tailor treatment around your cycle

Following is a selection of podcasts, radio shows, articles and other media in which Gabrielle and her Hormonology work have been featured

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