Consultation Services

Gabrielle Lichterman provides guidance, advice and education on the many important day-to-day effects cycling hormones have on every aspect of girls’ and women’s lives.


For individuals, partners, families, parents and caretakers of tween and teen girls

Gabrielle applies her wide-ranging expertise to your specific issues including stress reduction, conflict resolution, boosting energy, completing important projects, time management, job performance, strategic use of natural remedies, and how to better understand and support the female members of your family.


For corporations, independently-owned businesses, independent contractors

For businesses that want to create stronger connections and better serve their female clientele, Gabrielle advises managers and employees on ways to engage women’s attention, inspire them to interact meaningfully with their brand and meet their needs in ways that form lasting loyalty.

Gabrielle is also available to be a guest speaker at your corporate events.


For professors, teachers, workshop organizers

Want to share hormone cycle information with your students? Gabrielle has first-hand experience sharing this knowledge in classroom and workshop settings and will give you guidance for incorporating it into your own class or curriculum.

Gabrielle is also available to be a guest speaker for your class or workshop.

Sex education and health education teachers can request the free Hormonology Guide “The New Period Talk: Introducing Girls to their Hormone Cycle”. This useful pdf guide explains basic hormone cycle information for adolescents in easy-to-understand concepts and terms that you can incorporate into your own lessons.

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