Checking in and catching you up!

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Checking in and catching you up!

Hey there! It’s Hormonology Gab here to touch base and catch you up during my hiatus from writing Hormonology Tips while I heal from a broken wrist.

First off, my doc says I need three more weeks in my cast. You should know that I’m one of those super-competitive dorks who needs to beat out everyone in everything (seriously, my husband has banned me from playing board games with mixed company after a particularly ugly Monopoly game incident during a house-share in Martha’s Vineyard). So, I was really hopeful I’d have bones that healed faster than anyone else’s and I’d be out of this fiberglass wrist prison by now (and my doctor would be giving me rave reviews about my unbelievably quick-healing bones that fused together faster than any other patient he’d seen in his whole career). But, nope. Disappointing me like a junior high school dropout, turns out, my bones are slow healers.

Speaking of things that are slower than I’d hoped… It also turns out my new Hormonology apps are taking a bit more time to finish than I planned. I thought for sure they’d be in the app stores by now, but there’s a bit more involved in creating these apps (including the new design, the new options, the new integrated month/day calendar and the longer, more detailed Hormone Horoscopes), which has led to a bit of a longer time frame. My app team and I are still progressing steadily on them. And, I absolutely love how they’re turning out–and I’m pretty sure you’re going to love them, too. But, it’s going to take just a bit longer till you can get them. I’ll keep you posted regarding their progress.

Finally, I’m supposed to get my cast off October 30 (fingers crossed!) and, barring any more bone breaks that affect my ability to type, I should be back in the saddle and writing Hormonology Tips once again.

I appreciate your patience–and thank you to everyone who wrote me such sweet emails wishing me a speedy recovery. I really appreciate your kind words.

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