Beat premenstrual bloat with magnesium

Beat premenstrual bloat with magnesium

Dread the way your body retains fluid in the second half of your cycle (your Week 3 and Week 4), making you sometimes feel like a walking water balloon?

Try taking 200 mg. of magnesium daily. In a small study in the Journal of Women’s Health, women who did just this experienced a significant reduction in fluid retention due to this mineral’s ability to balance electrolytes.

But, here’s the rub: You need to take the magnesium supplement every day for two full menstrual cycles (approximately 60 days) to see the difference. Okay, so that’s not as ideal as shedding all that excess water weight right away. However, once the effects kick in, you’ll probably think the wait was worth it.

To learn more about magnesium and its interactions with medications you’re taking, conditions you have or surgery, check out this National Institutes of Health fact sheet and University of Maryland Medical Center overview.

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