Are you “out of sync” with your cycle?

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Are you “out of sync” with your cycle?

outofsyncYesterday I was remarking to my husband, Douglas, that I was feeling sooooo tired–and how odd that was considering where I am in my monthly cycle.

Even though I’m in my premenstrual Week 4 where energy can be on the low side due to plunging estrogen, I’m experiencing the kind of super-heavy fatigue you usually get in Week 3 when rising progesterone–a seriously sedating hormone–makes you feel thisclose to a nap all day long.

So I took a few moments to think about why I was feeling “out of sync” with my cycle. That’s when I realized I’ve forgotten to take my multivitamin with iron lately–a must for any woman, but especially for a vegetarian like me who doesn’t get a whole lot of iron from my food sources. And that can quickly lead to fatigue and mental fogginess.

Why am I bothering you with the obviously very mundane details of my life? Because it’s a great reminder that knowing how your hormones impact your energy, moods, health and other factors every day of your cycle gives you a baseline to know what’s “normal”.

That way, you can quickly figure out if something is making you out of sync with your cycle–like a vitamin deficiency, lack of sleep or too much stress–and determine the best way to fix it.

To get a quick reminder of what to expect from your energy, mood, health and more each day of your cycle so you know when you’re in or out of sync, check out this quick overview here.

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