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Today’s Hormone Horoscope – Day 2

You’re likely experiencing some of your heaviest menstrual bleeding today, which can sap your physical and mental energy, making you want to cocoon at home or a favorite relaxing spot. Despite this, you may notice that compared to the past few days, the sun is shining a little more brightly, birds are singing a little more sweetly and your boss isn’t a total jerk. That’s rising estrogen’s influence. With the level of this hormone climbing slightly, it boosts your mood and outlook, making everything seem just a teeny tiny bit better. Oh, you may still get ticked off if someone eats the last cookie or you misplace your cell phone. But, this hormone is helping you get over problems faster and restore you to a more positive mindset. The small rise in this hormone is also making it a smidge easier to recall dates, names and other facts as it sharpens your memory. Luckily, you won’t need any help remembering how to use your credit card. Spending is up as you treat yourself to silly, totally unnecessary items–like nail polish or a cupcake with rainbow sprinkles–as a way to combat period-related aches and fatigue.

Make today better

If menstrual cramps are bugging you, try sipping chamomile tea. Researchers found that this mildly sweet herbal brew contains compounds that relax uterine muscles, easing cramp pain.

Fun fact

Research shows that during your period you excel at projects requiring spatial skills (the kind that allow you to rotate images in your head, say, when planning a new room layout or assembling a lamp). Why? When estrogen is low, it allows your testosterone to dominate–and this is a hormone that improves your spatial skill ability. Thought only men have testosterone? Nope! Women’s bodies also make this hormone, though in much smaller amounts. And, it’s a good thing we do, too, since testosterone helps rev your brain skills, mood, energy and romantic feelings.

Today’s Hormone Horoscope – Day 7

You’ll likely be more passionate about ideas, a big project, love interest, hobby or even just a great sale today due to rising estrogen, which makes you more easily excited. And because you’re in a talkative mood, you’re more than happy to share the details of your passion with friends, family and anyone within a 25-foot radius. It will probably be pretty easy for others to pick up on your enthusiasm: Rising estrogen has you speaking a bit louder, using more dramatic gestures and is making you appear more energetic overall. This hormone is also boosting brain skills that make learning easier. You’re absorbing and comprehending new information like a sponge, which makes it a great day to try a new software program, watch a webinar or figure out complex instructions. Getting dressed for your day or a fabulous night out is more fun since your self-confidence is climbing high, so experiment with a new outfit or hairstyle. You may also spontaneously dole out compliments to friends, family and even strangers on their appearance thanks to elevated estrogen, which is boosting your mood and giving you the urge to spread the good feelings to others.

Make today better

Treat yourself to food or beverages with complex or unusual ingredients. Rising estrogen is sharpening your senses of taste and smell, so you’re better at detecting and appreciating subtle flavors all through the end of your Week 2.

Fun fact

Health experts consider today the best time of your monthly cycle to do a breast self-exam–an important method for finding breast cancer in its early, most treatable stage.

Today’s Hormone Horoscope – Day 20

Your body’s level of sedating progesterone is rising higher and higher throughout your Week 3, which can make you more prone to zoning out and wishing you could curl up for a much-needed nap anywhere you can–under your desk, on the bus ride home, in the produce aisle nestled up to the nectarines. In fact, if someone says something super-annoying to you or that goes against everything you stand for, you might just decide to stay mum and conserve what little energy you have rather than waste your wee bit of pep trying to prove your point. While your desire for romance is on the low side, those who are most likely to win you over are sensitive, cooperative, caring types who wouldn’t bat an eye if you demanded their dessert to fulfill your progesterone-fueled food cravings. Chances are, you’re going to be bothered by constipation, bloat and sore breasts, which are totally normal, albeit annoying, side effects of rising progesterone. You may also find this hormone is making your brain a bit foggy and you’re a tad forgetful. If you’ve got to work on an important project or prepare for a big test, try taking a brisk walk, listening to up-tempo music or eating a little dark chocolate. These are all study-proven ways to shake off brain fog and boost alertness in minutes.

Make today better

Steer clear of scary movies and alarming news stories that are accompanied by graphic photos. Research shows that during the second half of your cycle, progesterone makes frightening images stick in your memory banks longer.

Fun fact

You may have more negative dreams during your Week 3 and Week 4 because your hormones make you more prone to the blues, stress or worry. To up your odds of having dreams that are more positive, try placing a bowl of fragrant potpourri by your bedside (far from curious pets and children) or dabbing on your favorite essential oil before turning in. Research shows that breathing in pleasant aromas as you sleep makes you more likely to have dreams with happier storylines.

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