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Day 5 – Today’s Female Forecast


By today, most women tend to be more upbeat, optimistic, chatty, social, outgoing and confident thanks to higher levels of estrogen. Now, this doesn’t mean your lady is going to be all sweetness and light, doling out hugs, kisses and smiles 24/7—especially if she’s facing a major stressor. But, thanks to this hormone, she’s likely to have more positive moments in her day than negative ones, will be able to rebound from problems more quickly and is generally more fun to be around.

If your honey isn’t experiencing this happiness boost in her cycle yet, it may be because she’s not as sensitive to rising estrogen, is low in iron, hasn’t gotten enough sleep, isn’t feeling well or is dealing with another mood-crusher. If you help her get to the bottom of what’s holding her back, there’s a chance you can find a solution so you both end up enjoying this cycle phase so much more.


You don’t have to do a lot to entice your sweetheart to join you in the bedroom for sexy fun: In the first half of her cycle, rising estrogen is triggering many more x-rated thoughts as she goes about her day, giving practically everything a sexual connotation, from frying eggs and pouring milk to pumping fuel and swiping a credit card at the checkout.

Want to stoke your lady’s sexual fires even more? Cuddle with her! It may sound boring to you, but research shows that hugging, caressing, kissing and other gentle skin-to-skin contact with your sweetie prompts her body to produce a steep rise in testosterone—a hormone that revs her sexual desire and also makes it easier for her to orgasm during sex.

If your partner isn’t experiencing an increasing desire for intimacy, it could be due to stress, fatigue, illness, depression or certain medications, which can all override her body’s natural sex drive.


Right about now in their cycle, many women experience a surge in mental and physical energy and endurance thanks to rising estrogen. As a result, your better half may want to do activities that require more oomph, stay up later to fit in more work or fun and convince you to join her in the wild escapades she’s planning for her coming high-energy cycle days.

Is your partner not feeling a boost in pep? She may be low in iron due to menstruation. If this is her problem, if she takes a daily iron supplement (15 mg. for women up to age 18; 18 mg. for women 19 to 50), this can help her get her energy level higher more quickly during the first few days of her cycle.


Explore the world: The higher your honey’s estrogen climbs, the more it makes her want to do activities that help her discover and learn more.

Get moving: Her energy is rising day by day, which makes being active more enjoyable.

Make it light-hearted: As her estrogen level increases, it makes her enjoy childlike, carefree fun.

Date ideas: Head to an animal sanctuary, go biking, play badminton.


Ask her questions: Rising estrogen is giving her the urge to chat up a storm—and the person she likely wants to talk with most is you. So, ask her questions about her day, how she feels about a story in the news or how she’s progressing on a project.

Be a cheerleader: Her energy, motivation and ambition increase day by day with rising estrogen, which means she may have new ideas for starting a business, going back to school or making her band famous. And she’d love it if you showed your wholehearted support since it fuels her motivation to reach her goal.

Go shopping with her: Heading to a store to scout out the perfect item is more fun for her now thanks to rising estrogen revving reward sensations in the brain when she shops. You can be a part of her fun day by offering to hold her bags and taking her to lunch when she needs a break.

Day 12 – Today’s Female Forecast


The higher your honey’s estrogen goes, the happier she becomes. And, good news, her estrogen is pretty darned high today. As a result, you’ll probably notice she has many more moments in her day when she’s upbeat, optimistic and willing to let little snafus slide.

If you ever wanted a big, showy display of appreciation from her for doing her a favor, giving her a gift or asking for her hand in marriage, now through ovulation is the time to get it. Her high estrogen is making her more demonstrative and easily bowled over by surprises and grand gestures. So, you may want to wear your old football pads in case she tackles you in excitement.

It’s key to keep in mind that there are exceptions to this high-hormone happiness rule. Women who are dealing with stress, depression, illness or other major issues may not feel this bump in mood despite their elevated estrogen. But, once they’re past the problem, chances are, they’ll experience a mood lift during this phase of their cycle.


Be prepared to cancel your appointments, call in sick and drop the kids off at your sister’s house. Your honey’s libido is getting a turbo-charged boost from her high hormones, which can make her want you to stop, drop and roll onto her the moment she feels the urge.

These spiking hormones are also making it easier for her to reach climax—and these climaxes are getting more powerful day by day as she approaches ovulation.

However, try not to take this as an excuse to skimp on foreplay or phone it in. Truth is, every sensual touch is more stimulating, so she’s appreciating every move you’ve got—and the ones you’ve been meaning to try.

Is your sweetheart distracted by work or other responsibilities and needs inspiration to take a break for some intimate time? Try catching her eye by appearing more manly, for instance, by hammering some two-by-fours, changing your truck oil or simply swooping her up in your muscular arms and giving her a sensual kiss. On the days leading up to and including ovulation, elevated estrogen makes women more sexually aroused by the sights, smells and feel of a strong, virile man’s man. It’s an ancient throwback to the days when a woman needed a biological push toward guys who were high in testosterone to ensure a healthy baby in case she got pregnant during this fertile phase of her cycle.

Is your lady not feeling the sexual urges her hormones should be giving her? This can happen when she’s under stress, sick, tired, battling depression or taking certain medications. Pinpoint the cause and either wait for it to pass or help her fix the problem and you’ll help her return to her regularly scheduled high libido days.


So long as she isn’t facing a major pep-robber (such as staying up all night with the baby or cramming for a test), your lady’s energy is surging today thanks to high estrogen. So, you better either keep up or get out of her way.


Turn her on: She’ll enjoy having her libido stoked with a date that titillates her visually or physically.

Get crowded: Do an activity that gets her around lots of folks so she has the opportunity to show off a favorite outfit, talk and get mentally stimulated by others.

Shock and surprise: Unexpected and spontaneous twists and turns during your date will delight her.

Date ideas: Watch a sultry movie, take her to a conference about a topic she’s interested in (like Comic Con), randomly choose an activity by throwing a dart at a community events listing page from the newspaper.


Don’t let jealousy take over: Research shows that both men and women tend to get more jealous during this cycle phase. Unfortunately for you, if you get steamed when she talks to another cutie you’ll only end up in the doghouse. So, try to rein in the green-eyed monster when it starts to come out. Your lady may have fun chatting with others, but her heart belongs to you.

Let her obsess: With estrogen sky-high, she’s got more mental and physical power this week than during any other week of her cycle. This means she may want to tackle a big project, skipping meals, staying up late or pulling all-nighters till it’s done. The best thing you can do when this happens is to step back, let her work, then congratulate her on the outcome once it’s complete.

Don’t say “I told you so”: There may be times when your honey’s hormone-fueled adventuresome spirit gets her in over her head. But, as you’re dressing her wound or paying her bail, try not to remind her that you cautioned her against it.

Day 17 – Today’s Female Forecast


At times, you may think your sweetheart has gotten seriously boring—for instance, she’s not chuckling at the reruns on TV that have you in stitches, she turns down your invitation to go to a Monster Truck Rally and she tells you your idea of trying to double the rent money at the craps table is flat-out idiotic. What’s her problem? Plunging estrogen and rising progesterone is. Together, this hormonal duo makes your lady more serious, introverted and cautious.

There may be moments when your honey experience some moodiness or irritability due to today’s descending estrogen. Or, she may get blue or weepy due to climbing progesterone.

However, consider it a red flag if she undergoes a dramatic change in emotions—such as extreme anger or sadness—or she suddenly loses all her mental or physical energy. These are common signs of low blood sugar, which can occur more frequently during this phase of her cycle as a side effect of progesterone. Get her to eat some food and if her problem is caused by blood sugar, it should help bring her back to a happier, more energized place.


Heads up: As her progesterone climbs higher and higher, it’s making her urge for sex sink lower and lower. Yet, at the same time, it’s increasing her desire to feel more emotionally connected to you. So, she may come to you for hugs, hand-holding and cuddles—but, don’t expect it to lead to much more like it did in the first half of her cycle.

To up your odds of revving her passion, try channeling your inner sensitive guy. Progesterone has her more attracted to a man who’s a bit of a softie and shows he cares, say, by massaging her shoulders, letting her make the call on where to go for dinner and asking how her day went.

If she does happen to get the desire to be intimate, halt whatever activity you were doing and cancel any plans you had. Her libidinous urges are going to be a lot less frequent in this week of her cycle, so if you dawdle you may miss your opportunity.

Just be sure you stock up on sports drinks and power bars before you climb between the sheets. Her rising progesterone is making it take a lot longer for her to reach climax so you could end up exhausting yourself more than if you competed in a Tough Mudder.

Keep in mind that this hormone can also block her from orgasming at all. So, if after the fifth hour things still don’t look like they’re coming to any sort of conclusion, you may want to be ready to throw in the towel and live to try another day.


Fluff the pillows and clear the couch! Your honey’s energy is tanking as her estrogen plunges and progesterone rises, so she’ll need a comfy spot to faceplant when she feels the sudden need for a nap come on.


Plan to munch: Her appetite and cravings for ooey, gooey comfort foods intensify as progesterone rises.

Make it homey: At this point in her cycle, she prefers activities you two can do alone in spots she’s already familiar with and that don’t take her too far afield.

Keep it quiet: Unless she’s got a lot to say (for instance, because she started a new job), chances are, she’s going to be talking a lot less due to sedating progesterone, which is sapping her pep. So, plan an activity where chatting isn’t required.

Date ideas: Whip up her favorite meal, go for a romantic walk in a park, binge-watch a favorite show together.


Comfort her tears: If she starts blubbering at an emotional part of a movie or after reading a sad news story, pass her a tissue and give her a hug. A plunge in estrogen and rise in progesterone makes her more prone to tearing up—and she’d likely appreciate some comforting.

Avoid fat jokes like the plague: A combination of water retention and constipation can make your honey feel like she’s blowing up like a puffer fish. Any kind of teasing, jokes or inadvertent innuendos related to weight can make her more self-conscious than she already may be about her appearance.

But feed her: You’ll be the hero if you have a tasty snack available when she needs it due to low blood sugar or while experiencing a hormone-triggered food craving. So, hide a new box of cookies in the cupboards, stash cereal bars in the glove compartment or secret away another treat she enjoys, then pull it out at the perfect moment.

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