APP NEWS: The Hormone Horoscope app has been updated!

APP NEWS: The Hormone Horoscope app has been updated!

appGreat news to share about the free Hormone Horoscope App! The app’s new update is now available at the App Store and Google Play!

This update adds a key component to this app: It allows you to input and store your own notes for each day of your cycle. This means you can keep track of your own health, behavior, moods, appetite, when you do your best exercise, etc. that is individual to you. You can also email your notes to yourself, a friend or health care provider for added convenience. Nifty, right?

There are a few more additions, too: I made the cycle length options a bit longer for women with long cycles and made a few other tweaks that will hopefully make the app even easier to use.

If you’ve already installed the Hormone Horoscope App, then simply update it on your Apple or Android device.

If you haven’t yet downloaded the Hormone Horoscope App, this is the perfect time to do it!

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